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Productivity and efficiency in the 3D printing process

The company's productivity, as well as the efficiency of the printing process, have a significant impact on the company's development. The latest version of the application focused on functionalities that allow the user to speed up the process of technology preparation. These include:

  • optimization of technological parameters based on the print quality factor,
  • automatic positioning of the model relative to the indicated model wall,
  • support for undoing and restoring operations,
  • automatic placement of models in the workspace - NESTING,
  • selective SLICE, enabling the upgrade of head paths based on the analysis of changed parameters.

Advanced design

Another important aspect of the preparation of the printing process is the possibility of using the functionality in a creative way in order to obtain the optical properties of the printed model. User support tools include:

  • Bool's operations on the geometries of loaded models,
  • tools for fixing STL file and modification of its geometry,
  • module for editing geometry of 3D model,
  • set of functions that allows to separate individual parts from the assembly model as sub models,
  • automatic mode of generating the support,
  • possibility to add support object manually and modify its size,
  • technology edition by grouping layers and modification of technology for the indicated area,
  • possibility to set up dedicated technology for assembly part.

Redundancy of technological process

For producing companies the most important aspects are confidence and stability of procedures on product lines. That is the reason why they need to be able to guarantee flexibility in terms of the available machine park. The application focused on:

  • provide user with choice between the implemented 3D printing strategy (the ability to generate G-CODE using the MODEL BY MODEL strategy that increases the correctness of the model's implementation by a separate order of printing models arranged in the same workspace),
  • an advanced postprocessor system enabled the user to generate the same 3D model project on all machines available in the machine park, thus ensuring redundancy of the process itself without paying attention to possible downtime caused by the failure of a single device.

Advanced technological control

3D printing technology is an innovative technological process, that allows creating an original project which hasn't been seen before with a spatial internal structure significantly affecting the final properties of the model, that provides a possibility of designing models with programmed strength. Helpful tools during geometry designing process are:

  • project structure supports the process of implementation of technological parameters, as well as allows for their quick verification,
  • experienced user has opportunity to design support structures in an external program for modeling and transfer it to application. Thanks to that user have total control under the model's support mechanism and can create his own support structures,
  • in order to optimize costs of production, in the case of 3D printing it is time. That's why application include all accelerations and calculate the estimated heating time of heating elements,
  • advanced grouping allows a user to select an external structure for modification and design model with characteristics which impossible to reach with another software,
  • real-time display mode during editing of technological parameters,
  • simulation of printing process with automatic motion reproduction.


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