Intuitive technological process

The technological process nodes present sequentially performed operations and modifications made by the user. In addition, the interface has been designed to speed up the process of creating technology.

The operations performed by the user were brought to several stages, starting from loading the model through the definition of technologies, support of simulating and generating G-CODE and the report.

The entire process associated with the selection of the printing device, materials, and technology was combined in the profiles what allows to significantly accelerate the user's working process, which has the ability to load previously saved KNOW-HOW knowledge of the company.

The function of saving the project allows to collect completed projects and return to the previously saved version. Furthermore, the option of saving the report allows providing the customer with information about the technical data of the model and the technology.

The set of all these functionalities allowed to develop a simple and intuitive and user-friendly interface for both beginners and professionals accustomed to CAD/CAM system interfaces.


Innovative CAM software for 3d printing