Optimal support structures

The support strategies take into account the possibility of using supports from the native model material, as well as the use of dedicated materials that have dissolution properties in specific solutions.

The support has a number of different parameters that can be modified according to user’s needs. The user can parameterize the type of support fill (linear, square, hexagonal), the minimum angle of generating structures, density of the fill, XY offset from the model's walls. There are two types of supports: straight and compact.

Compounded supports are generated in areas adjacent to the model, which ensures better support of the model. It is possible to define the number of compact layers. The user can choose which nozzle should be printed simple and compact structures, thanks to that you can print support structures from two different materials. It is also possible to parameterize the distance of the dense support from the model. The appropriate parameter setting has a significant effect on the ability to remove supports from the model.

There are two ways to add supports in the SOFTSHAPER software. They can be generated automatically or manually added by the user. In case of adding supports manually, the user adds individual support geometries with a given size. The software also has pre-built supports that can be edited.

Module also allows to add another model to the workspace and use it as support. The option is available from the context menu for each imported model. Grouping model allows assigning of technology to specific parts of the printed model.


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