Precise information on processing materials

The module allows adding, remove or edit parameters of processing materials. The standard base includes analyzed parameters for processing materials and default parameters of printing technology.

Possibility of assigning printing technology to the material allows the user to create its own technological process dedicated to your printing device and material which can be produced by different delivers.

One more asset of the base of materials is that it allows using an advanced algorithm which allows using an advanced algorithm of selecting parameters for the printing process that is based on the qualitative indicator. During this procedure system automatically suggests the most suitable parameters for the printing process according to data from base of materials. Such function helps to reduce the time of preparing a model for the printing process.

The module also includes a feature that allows filament manufacturers to add their own materials along with dedicated printing technology in order to provide their customers with the best 3D printing experience.

In order to facilitate work on layers in the technological process, the groups were additionally marked with a color similar to the color of the group visualized in the grouping module.


Innovative CAM software for 3d printing