Generating G-CODE for every 3D printer

The postprocessor module implemented in the SOFTSHAPER software is mostly responsible for the G-CODE generation process based on the toolpaths which are generated by the program.

The generation process is based on the declared parameters of the printing device. Each device can have a dedicated saving format of the interpreted code and special executive, preparation and preliminarily-terminating functions.

The module has been equipped with the possibility to parameterize the values responsible for:

  • workspace,
  • geometry of executive elements including offsetting,
  • executive heating elements including function of setting the limits as: heated plate, heated chamber and a head for each head individually,
  • parameterization of the start and end code using predefined functions with the possibility of editing,
  • function parameterization by modifying the M-CODE and G-CODE records with the option of defining a procedure.

In addition to specialized equipment and advanced users was implemented the mechanism of the program description G-CODE generation. Based on the knowledge of PYTHON user can effect on the process of indirect code interpretation, which allows having a process of G-CODE generation under control. Properly prepared API allows to modify the record of the functions and also user can add its own. Also, the implementation of the programming language allows extending the scope of generator capabilities, because the programmer can make additional conversions and modifications of the values calculated by the program in the postprocessor.

The set of postprocessor module functionality prepared in this way enables the SOFTSHAPER application to generate code for every available 3D printer, which makes it a universal program in terms of the printing device used.


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