Separate technology for individual parts of the model

The advanced mechanism implemented in SOFTSHAPER allows you to operate not only on layers, but also on their parts called geometries. These are uniform areas within the layer. Thanks to this, we can, for example, strengthen only part of the model on which we care without significantly extending the print time.

Intuitive interface and automation mechanisms allow for efficient generation of groups by analyzing the relationships of parts of the model.

Grouping works with the SELECTIVE SLICE function, so when we change the parameters of the layer, only the user-modified structures will be regenerated - this allows you to reduce the time needed to generate the code.

The grouping system allows you to define groups. The most important elements of the system:

  • lots of groups on one layer,
  • selective groups.

In order to optimize work on layers in the technological structure, the groups were additionally marked with a color corresponding to the color of the group visualized in the grouping module.


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