Innovative 5-axis printing

The simultaneous module allows designing model in incremental technology with the possibility of the smooth orientation of the element in relation to the trajectory of motion.

The basic advantage of printing strategy is mineralization of areas of support, improving the resistance of the model and more accurate shape with the changing orientation of the next set of layers.

The mechanism of generating simultaneous paths allows the user to determine the printing plane by direct indications from the model and the orientation of the head relative to the surface. In this way, each generated surface becomes an individual geometric object that can have dedicated path strategies and technological parameters. Thanks to this, the user decides on the specifications of each fragment of the model, determines the type and strategies of connections, as well as the order of printing of individual surfaces.

The freedom of approaching the queue allows a user to eliminate support structures and during entire process control the stiffness of the model and also obtain appropriate surface texture. Laying the paths on the surface of the model with any orientation of paths and heads allows accomplishing interlace on the surface by creating reinforcements for bursting forces that may occur along with path connections.


Innovative CAM software for 3d printing