Discover our mission vision strategy

We have 20 years of experience in implementing advanced CAD, CAM, CAE systems. We cooperate with leading producers of tools and machines. Being the suppliers of supporting production processes solutions to world class enterprises we fully comprehend the challenges faced by contemporary industries. The mixture of experience and innovation lets us gaze into the future with courage and, together with our partners, shape the world around us.

„Our mission is implementation of innovative solutions for a wide range of industries in order to change approach to additive production and design.”

Nowadays, we often meet 3D printing enthusiasts who use it both at work and in a hobby. They use different printers available on the market, but the software provided with the device often does not meet their expectations.

In order to meet the need of professionals and enthusiasts of incremental technologies and based on software which is dedicated for professional 3D printers, we designed an innovative product that compatible with every 3D printer available on the market.

Our comprehensive solutions effectively support the largest companies and individual clients in many (often specialized) fields. Innovative functionalities and pioneering approach to 3D printing realistically determine the directions of development of modern technologies.


Innovative CAM software for 3d printing