See what is possible with SOFTSHAPER:

Effortless creation of printed models strength
SOFTSHAPER allows the user to modify the layer structure of created models, offering you the possibility to strengthen or weaken chosen structures and check the impact of changes on the model’s strength.
Creating sets of models and project saving and loading
SOFTSHAPER allows the user to save positioning settings of models in the form of an set so there’s no need to import and position them again. Saving a project allows you to continue your work on a different computer.
Adaptive algorithm for cutting and generating paths
SOFTSHAPER automatically detects objects, features and parameters which need to be updated and it selectively performs an update of sequences. Because of this, the modification of parameters does not result in the user having to cut the model again.
Customizable infill structures, supports, contours
SOFTSHAPER boasts a wide range of infill types, supports and free model contour parameterization. The user can choose a type of infill from Fractal, Sun, Honey Comb, Square, Concentric Square, Line and others.
Automatic definition of technological parameters based on quality factor
SOFTSHAPER is equipped with generic algorithm for selection of technological parameters enabling the user to perform printing operations in an easy and reliable way.

„SOFTSHAPER allows the user to load very large 3D objects, consisting of up to few millions of triangles, made during model scanning. Defining printing features in the form of outer and inner contours, flat lands and supports simplifies the technology preparation process allowing its modification.”

- Prof. Ryszard Leniowski, R&D Software Manager, VERASHAPE

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